Staggering visuals, addictive games, instant communication and unforgettable audiovisual experiences: welcome to the candy store of technology. New gadgets, exponentially increasing memory storage, and increasingly advanced programs tempt us with promises of pleasure, ease, and innovation. Technology has us under her spell.
Today’s digital technology is built on the promises of unparalleled connectivity and openness. All the knowledge of the world was to be accessible to anyone. We witnessed a miracle: if we had a question, no matter how trivial or fundamental, we could google the answer. It’s hard to imagine what life was like before. How did people survive without smartphones and without internet access?
We put blind trust in technology and her promise of progress. As humans we always want more, better, faster, and the end is nowhere in sight. It is a matter of time before technology tends to all of our senses in an expanded reality. Or has that time come already?

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