FAKE ME HARD is your guide to the post-truth society. A spectacular hands-on exhibition with installations by over 40 artists exploring the complex reality of the 21st century.

Do algorithms decide which (dis)information we get to see? How can we reinvent our imperfect, messy narratives? Team Human takes over!

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In the year 2021, we can no longer afford to feign that technology is neutral. In these times of deepfake videos and populism, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between ‘real’ and ‘not real’. Algorithms facilitate a web of lies, with direct consequences for society and democracy. Just think of the recent storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters, partly attributed to the largescale dissemination of QAnon theories by algorithms.

Driving those algorithms is the shadowy business model of a handful of all-powerful big tech companies. Platforms such as Facebook and Google use our data to personalize our experience – and to influence us. With our clicking behavior we build our own mirror-palace, a hyper-personalized parallel universe. To speak in Matrix-terms: we can no longer choose between the red and the blue pill, between the truth and blissful ignorance. It seems that only the blue pill is available.

But it is not too late. We don’t have to stand by and watch a new feudal era unfold. We can arm ourselves by becoming ‘robot-proof’ and by making algorithms ‘human aware’. By talking back to AI, we can teach it a language in which there is space for human significance and interpretation. Team Human can reimagine the mirror palace as an ecosystem of freedom and possibilities.

In anticipation of the physical exhibition, starting March 1 visitors are invited to visit the freely accessible FAKE ME HARD Virtual environment. Enter the virtual spaces of AVL Mundo as your favourite avatar and, together with others, experience the exhibition’s first four thought-provoking installations in a game-like setting as a prelude to the opening of the physical exhibition in July/August.


Artistic Director

Ine Gevers

︎Art Tech Curator, Lonely Dancer, Niet Normaal Advocate, All Inclusive Matchmaker, Robot Lover, WildCard


Artistic Director

Kees de Groot

︎Cyberpunk Video Memes, 1970´s African Architecture, GOGBOT IPA beer, Junkyard V8 muscle cars, Jap cyborg, B movies

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Business Director

Onno Ephraim

︎Performing Arts Addict, Motor Bike Junky, Travelling, Change of View, Joe Jackson



Morgan Catalina

︎Intimacy in the Algorithmic Age, Analog Alteregos, Boat day, Non-human Person’s rights, Silvia Federici

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Marketing Manager

Gari Koolen

︎Fancy Socks, Crypto Stress, Penguins, Deepfake Space Cowboy


Production Manager

Aike Lütkemöller

︎Long walks on the beach, art stuff, nailpolish


Production Manager

Marie Janin

︎Play, Black Glitter, Mercurey, White Board, Google Translate


Communications Intern

Stefania Dumitru

︎Hyper-Vigilant, Samba Mood, Samurai Clothes, Lentil Soup, Mirror Dance



Annabel Bunt

︎Spacecats, Social Astronaut, Hypercube, Intergalactic Communication Bubble



Gustav Eckrodt

︎Dinosaurs, Email, Wim Hof Method



Leonor Faber-Jonker


Lisa van Winden

︎Roffa, Money, Bird, Book(keeping)s


Communications Strategist 

Tyron Winter

︎Drone Music, Nature Fanatic, Walks Everywhere, SciFi Lover


Communications Advisor

Ditte Ooms

Education Programmer

Pia Canales

︎Star Trek Episode Guide, Dog Sunglasses, Tik Tok for people over 25, How to get out of Zoom Meetings, Aliens


Media Relations

Martine Willekens

︎News Addict, Hiking High, Art Junky, Tent Sleeper

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Graphic Design + Website

Cyanne van den Houten

︎Prophetic Algorithms, Hyper-pop, Surveillance Capitalism, DIY, Charts, Sapphic Flowers, Cyberpunk, Post-human Fashion


Graphic Design + Website

Roos Groothuizen

︎Prophetic Algorithms, Hyper-pop, Surveillance Capitalism, DIY, Charts, Sapphic Flowers, Cyberpunk, Post-human Fashion



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