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Songs of Cyborgeoisie, game  

BBB_, 2021

#Neon Gods

Utopia or dystopia? Artist duo BBB_ confronts us with a gameworld in which the boundaries between our physical bodies and their digital twins have faded. Songs of Cyborgeoisie is an interactive journey through virtual landscapes where various technical, organic, and fantastic beings roam. Each one of these science-fiction-like creatures represents a different vision on the technological future. As this future is approaching, these figures share the sorrows, traumas and hopes inscribed into them by their human inventors.

BBB_ also presents a hybrid musical performance (live and in a virtual hub). Together with the visitors as avatars, they create an environment in which technologies, people, flora and fauna can evolve harmoniously in dialogue. Here, the human and non-human can comfort each other and even merge.  BBB_ Image credit: @kstihu

Game-Demo created with the means of Cultural Foundation of Hesse (Hessische Kulturstiftung)