The complexity of artificial intelligence (AI) can defy understanding. We have to be careful not to freeze in the light of this technology, like a rabbit caught in headlights. If we do, AI will simply ignore us and organize life according to its own, algorithmically driven logic.
To prevent this from happening we have to learn how to live with AI. Already, there is a constant interaction between people and technology. Almost unnoticeably, technology changes us, one step at a time. We must enter into a dialogue with artificial intelligence, so that it can change with us. Then we’re not puppets on strings, but a dancing partner. By embracing AI, we can go through a loving co-evolution together.
That also means that the distinction between the virtual and physical world will gradually disappear. Resistance is futile, empathy and critical awareness are essential. It is time to make a choice: will it be the red or the blue pill? 

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