We’ve almost forgotten, but mankind, in all its diversity, has incredible power. Our vulnerability, individuality, and fickleness make us unique and, despite everything, unpredictable. What’s more, when we physically get together in protests, at cultural or sporting events, or services, we can see that we are more than an individual. We are part of something bigger, a group and an ecosystem.
With the rise of digital technology, we have somehow lost touch with the human scale. The scale on which our data are extracted and traded, the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and the far-reaching use of algorithms in virtually all aspects of our lives and our planet are almost impossible to comprehend. Yet it is not too late.

We can arm ourselves by becoming ‘robot-proof’ and by making AI ‘human aware’. By thinking critically, by connecting with each other, and by starting a dialogue with the technology that threatens to divide us. It’s time to claim back our lives. We can’t be stopped!

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