We interact with them every day, yet they remain invisible. On social media platforms and websites, algorithms decide what we see, how often, and increasingly, even what we think. They operate so smoothly it becomes eerie. Sometimes we even suspect that our smartphone is listening in on our conversations. How else to explain the appearance of advertisements for the exact products we were talking about moments ago?
Algorithms create a bubble around us. We only see those things that the algorithms decide are interesting for us. That means that multiple realities exist next to each other, drifting ever further apart. A dystopian archipelago is created. It seems that our little island offers us everything we desire, but is that really the case? Are our desires still authentically ours, or are they in fact dictated by algorithms?
We feed this system with our online behavior. With every click we help build the constantly expanding data web that keeps us trapped. But who is the spider in this web? It’s time to meet the algorithms.

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Atelier van Lieshout, 2021

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Provides NG, Eli Joteva, Ya nzi & Artem Konevskikh, 2020

The Kitty AI

Pinar Yoldas, 2016

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