Thanks to deep learning, computers are gaining a better understanding of who we are and how we think. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already making children’s movies and the first painting by an AI has even been sold. Photos of non-existing people can be generated and the technology to make deepfake videos of celebrities and politicians is improving all the time. We are usually still able to distinguish ‘real’ from ‘not real’ - but for how long?
Not only is the exponential growth of technology hard to keep up with, deepfakes also operate in unchartered territory. It does not matter to big tech companies what is true or false: algorithms have their own logic, centered around clicks, not content. Now that we are all stuck in our own online bubble, we are in danger of losing our shared reality. We all have our own truth.
Lying is as old as mankind, but AI gives us unprecedented opportunities to distort the truth. Are we heading for an ‘infocalypse’ or can we arm ourselves against deepfakes by fooling AI?

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