Fake Me Hardcore - A.I. Wars

It's 2071. After the storm of deep fakes, unhinged algorithms, and the extreme polarization fueled by the most absurd conspiracy theories came the infocalypse. As a result, the world has been broken up into different countries, each with its own truth. Each country has its own AI ambassador, each stronger and more convincing than the other. We are at the beginning of a new world war, The A.I. World War. In the Hardcore Experience Workshops we will participate in the AI World War. As a fighter for your own country, you have been tasked with creating your own AI superpower.

The workshops are set up as a game in which different teams through the use of Big Data, algorithms, deep-fakes, to create their A.I. ambassador.  Keep your followers close, but your enemies closer. Who can draw the most people to their truth?

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