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DJ BOT 2077

ViaOral, 2021

#Under His AI

The new club BIT on the Keileweg is where you go wild on the electronic music of the future! The DJ-booth here seems to come straight from the underworld of the game Cyberpunk 2077. Just like Google’s program Magenta, which creates entirely new Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix compositions, this machine makes music with the help of deep learning and online AI programs. These AI-sets are alternated with live sets by humans: young, talented DJs affiliated with PLANETART. ViaOral created DJ BOT 2077 in collaboration with artist Jelle de Graaf (design and construction) and the team of DADABOTS (neural networks).

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Neopopdada collective ViaOral imagines a world faked through and through. Ever since the 1980s, ViaOral has held up a mirror to society. They keep close track of the developments in the fields of digital media and technology, showing us where the pain points are, but also how artists can make use of the latest technologies. ViaOral is raw, direct, colorful and confrontational. Their work is filled with references to art history and critical messages about social issues and current affairs in general, and the role of capitalist technology in particular.