On Deception︎︎︎
Thursday, July 1

FAKE ME HARD kicks off strong Thursday, July 1 with a conversation on the value of lies to reveal deeper truths. Get primed for deception by having a drink with us in the AVL Mundo sculpture garden on your way into the FAKE ME HARD exhibition.

Stay tuned for more details on where to find the podcast! 

AVL Mundo Directions ︎
Lying is a tool we often take for granted, but what actually constitutes a lie? Who - and what - do you lie for? If political erasures, mass deception and the chaos of navigating a post-truth society are deliberate strategies imposed upon us by those in power, can the humble, everyday lie be a tactic to reclaim agency? When does a lie become an act of resistance? Does synthetic media democratize or destroy access to shared realities? Are lies our best hope for privacy under surveillance capitalism? If biometric sensors are the new overlords, can hormones learn to lie?
This discussion investigates the value of deception, and whether lies will even be possible at all in our algorithmically-dictated future. Join us Thursday, July 1 in the AVL Mundo Sculpture garden to explore how lies might offer our best chance for progressive values, democracy - and even survival.