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0°N 0°E

Deborah Mora [2021]

#Under His AI

Welcome to Null Island, a digital Garden of Eden where you can immerse yourself in a technologically mediated memory of nature. The title of the work refers to the coordinates where this island is imagined to exist: it is the cyber myth of an imaginary island, now becoming flesh. In the digital realm, the null value is automatically attributed when data are absent. Images, files, and registrations uploaded without a specified geolocation are therefore always associated with the location ‘0,0’. That is the spot where we can find Null Island, a safe haven where our threatened natural world can thrive forever.

Sound Design by Igor Dubreucq
Scent Design by Studio Merle Bergers 

Dream Journal

Jon Rafman [2016-2017]

#Team Human                                              

What are the effects of technology and information overload on our psyche? Or vice versa, what does our psyche do with that technology? For the video installation Dream Journal, Jon Rafman took his own dreams as a starting point. Like a true surrealist, he narrates a fragmented story in which two female protagonists travel through a succession of absurd, eerie landscapes, created with the help of AI. In this way, he offers a nightmarish glimpse of the modern internet addict’s subconsciousness. But this is also our escape hatch: it is our fantasies that distinguish us from AI.

Music: Oneohtrix Point Never, James Ferraro 

The Republic

Rob Voerman, 2021

#Meet the Algorithms

With this 'psychotic building', Rob Voerman investigates the increasing madness that is thriving on the Internet, fed by fake news and conspiracy theories. The installation shows a spatial collage of images related to various conspiracy theories, found on the fringes of the Internet. At the foot of this collage, a dystopian world of chaos and anarchy arises, including a building that resembles an explosion of glass and cardboard. The title of the work refers to the publication of Plato, with the allegory of the cave. More and more people are adhering to their own truth, thus claiming to have found an exit from Plato's cave.

The Molecular
Queering Agency 

Mary Maggic, 2017

#Under His AI 

We people are fluid beings, something artificial intelligence (AI) tends to forget. We cover a broad range of ever-changing identities: the stable body is something of the past. The non-binary, Chinese-American artist Mary Maggic presents a fictional service that gently guides you in the process of queering. Participants offer up their own urine for hormones to be extracted, while simultaneously inhaling the hormones of previous users. A scary thought maybe, but why is that? This service encourages you to let go of eco-heteronormative limits, so we can form a collective resistance against AI pigeonholing.

Deep Down Tidal 

Tabita Rezaire, 2017

#Team Human 

The Internet may seem elusive, yet it does have a physical form. On the bottom of the ocean, some 880,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables keep us connected to everything and everyone, 24 hours a day. Without these cables, our ‘wireless’ lifestyle is not possible. Remarkably, these physical lines of communication closely follow the old colonial shipping routes between the continents, reminding us of the cruel injustice that lies behind so-called ‘progress’. The fiberoptic cables are the hardware of a new, electronic imperialism, this time under the banner of all-powerful tech companies.